Welcome to April!

Re-Registration forms are due by Monday, April 3rd - If you would like to continue at YCP for the upcoming Academic year, please indicate on the form. Those who will be leaving us, must include an approximate date as to your child's last day - we ask you to put down a specific day with the understanding that this might shift a day or two. Forms may be turned in to the Front Desk and payment may be made via check or online - all forms must be accompanied by the associated fee. Re-Registration does not apply to Grasshoppers and those who have enrolled in the past 3 months.

Parent Teacher Conferences - Spring Evaluations/Conferences will be scheduled for Monday, April 17th - Friday, April 28th. Conferences will be scheduled in the afternoon hours from 1:30-3pm in 15-minute increments. Grasshopper conferences will be scheduled in 30-minute increments. If you are not able to make it into school at this time, we strongly encourage you to sign-up for a Call-In conference. No Infant Room Conferences.

Easter Egg Roll - Please make sure to bring in three (3) hard-boiled eggs no later than Monday, April 10th. Children will be decorating eggs the whole week and the Egg Hunt will be on Friday, April 14th. Please note, that all Holidays celebrated are secular in nature (we do not observe the religious aspects of any marked Holidays.) Easter Egg Roll does not apply to the Infant Room.

Staff Changes - Ms. Suzet from the Infant Room, will be on indefinite leave as she visits her home country beginning April 12th. Taking her place, we have a new staff member, Ms. Shahira who has been volunteering in various YCP classrooms these past few weeks. She is very excited to start under the mentorship of the wonderful teachers in the Infant Room, Ms. Sabina and Ms. Gloria.

CSA Opportunity - We have the opportunity to set up YCP as a CSA drop-off site again this year. We are excited to be partnering with a new farm this season, Potomac Vegetable Farm. Please check out their farm, mission, and CSA here. If you are interested, please email us no later than Friday, April 14th. The farm anticipates all of their shares will be gone by the end of April, so the sooner you can commit, the better. We must meet a minimum of 10 families to qualify as a drop-off site, though we hope to have more families than that sign up. If you are unsure how a CSA would work for your family, please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with some willing participants from last year's CSA.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) is a produce subscription program where eaters pay in advance and get a share of the produce grown on the farm throughout the season. Put another way, a CSA is a relationship between eaters, farmers and the land in which everyone shares the risks and rewards of farming. By directly supporting a local farm, your family will get lots of delicious, nutritious, and local vegetables in return.


April Show & Tell and Monthly Activity Calendars will be posted by Sunday, April 2nd, please look for them.

April Lunch Menu is now posted online.