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Tuition is due Monday of every week and varies by the age of your child.

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What is your tuition?

Tuition is calculated weekly and is due Monday of each week. Please visit our pricing page for current rates. For those who choose to pay monthly, please note the months that have 5 Mondays (weeks) and adjust accordingly.

How do I register and do you have a Wait List?

In order to register, you will need to fill out an Application and submit a Registration Fee. We do have a Wait List at YCP and to be placed on it, you will also need to submit 1-Week's Tuition. The 1-week of tuition is your deposit and is fully refundable if you do not end up enrolling at YCP. Please check out our Wait List Policy for more information. If you are interested in coming in for a tour and learning more about our programs and how to get on the Wait List, please contact us. Individual Tours are scheduled Tuesday - Friday at 10:30am only.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. A 5% discount is applied toward the older child's tuition. The discount does not apply to before or after fees.

Does the price drop when my child moves to a new classroom?

No. Tuition rates are dependent upon your child's age, not the classroom. Please consult our pricing page for specific information.

When will my child move to their new classroom?

Children generally move at the end of the summer for the beginning of each Academic Year. During the year, children may move as class size and ages permit. The Director must approve all classroom changes..

When does my child move to the Big Kids House?

Your child is eligible to move to the Bumble Bee Classroom (in the Big House) when they are fully potty-trained and are at least three (3) years of age.

When does my child move out of the infant room?

Children move to the Dragonfly or Froggy Rooms when they are 18 months. Those who are developmentally ready, may move a little earlier at the Director’s discretion.

Is lunch included with tuition?

No, lunch is a separate fee and is charged weekly. We offer this as a separate cost so that parents can choose whether they want to bring a lunch or have the school provide a hot lunch. All snacks and beverages (whole milk and filtered water) are provided by YCP.

What types of lunches and snacks do you serve?

We provide hot, nutritionally balanced meals through our caterer Fairfax Foods Service -- please check their website for sample menus. Healthful snack options include low-sugar, low-salt options such as fresh fruit, wholegrain crackers, and fresh yogurt smoothies.

When can my toddler start the provided school lunch?

Toddlers as early as 12 months can begin the school lunch. Teachers can give you a better idea if your child is developmentally ready to switch.

When do you begin the potty training process?

Children are introduced to the Potty in the Froggy and Flower Rooms between the ages of 18 months to 2 years. A child will begin intensive potty training when the teachers see a child is developmentally ready. Signs of readiness include being able to hold urine for extended amounts of time, dry diapers during naptime, asking/showing interest in the potty, and ability to pull up/push down pants or underwear. 

When is a child considered potty trained?

Your child will be considered fully potty-trained when they have no more than two (2) accidents per month and ask to use the potty.

If my child is sick, do I have to pick them up?

No, not necessarily. Staff will always call you if your child exhibits any symptoms of illness. However, there are only certain times that we will ask you to pick up your child. These symptoms include a rising fever above 100°, diarrhea, vomiting, rash with a fever/behavior change, or diagnosis of a communicable disease. Please consult the Illness Exclusion Guide for more specific information.

What is your late pick-up policy?

After 6:00pm, a late fee of $15 will be charged for the first 15 minutes or any portion thereof. There will be a charge of $1/per minute for every additional minute thereafter. Payment is due that day and a receipt will be provided the next morning. 

What is your discipline policy?

We see effective programming, parental involvement, and strong teacher/child relationships as the most fundamental markers of good behavior. Teachers will always use a “talk it out” approach to resolve issues in a fair and consistent manner. “Time-Out” is not used as a form of discipline.

What is your biting policy?

We do not discipline in response to Biting incidents and instead look for the underlying causes. Repeated Biting incidents require meetings between teacher, parent, and Director and may result in corrective measures.

What are your child-to-teacher ratios?

3 – 18 Months (1 Staff: 4 Children)

18 – 24 Months (1 Staff: 5 Children)

2 – 3 Years (1 Staff: 8 Children)

3 – 5 Years (1 Staff: 10 Children)

How many children does your center have?

We are licensed for 70 children -- classroom totals vary with enrollment

What extra supplies are needed for children in the infant room?

Here is a full list.