Curious about what we do? Take a look at our programs for different age groups and preview our monthly and weekly plans. Keep scrolling for info on pricing and policies.


Childcare: Infants & Young Toddlers

In the early years we place emphasis on meeting children's physical needs such as napping, potty training, and feeding. Play spaces are designed to allow infants to crawl, toddle, and walk. Staff members promptly respond to children's needs and provide stimulation and comfort in a variety of ways, from holding and playing to talking and singing.

Preschool: Toddlers & Children Under 5

As children grow we focus on more structured activities and varied experiences that cover the following areas: art and appreciation; rhythm and movement; manipulative and block play; language and communication experiences; and cognitive awareness and motor skills. Our programs help prepare children for a successful transition into Kindergarten. 

Weekly Programs

Each day our lesson plans are divided up into Circle Time, Small Group, Messy Art, Music Movement, and Sensory Play.

Monthly Programs

Each week has its own theme based on seasons and holidays.

Infants & Young Toddlers Weekly Tuition

Infants (3 - 18 months)                          $328.00
Toddlers (18 - 24 months)                     $307.00

Toddlers & Preschoolers Weekly Tuition

Toddlers (2 - 3 years)                                  $296.00
Preschoolers (3 +Potty-Trained)                   $277.00
Preschoolers (4  - 5 years)                          $264.00

Hot Lunches

$14.00 per week - Once a child is able to eat table food, hot lunches become optional. Parents may bring lunches. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided.

Additional Care (Kindergartners/YCP Alumni only)

Before and After Care                            $175.00
Before or After Care                               $145.00

A sibling discount of 5% is applied to the older child’s tuition. The sibling discount does not apply to before or after care.

Fees are established on a year-round, full-time basis. We do not accept part-time students at this time. Tuition is due Monday of each week.


We have quite a few policies at YCP! Please click through the links below to see full descriptions of each of our policies.