Welcome to September!

Welcome back to Your Child's Place! - we hope everyone had a wonderful summer and we are looking forward to welcoming your children to their new classrooms and getting the year started! We would like to remind seasoned parents and inform new parents about some basic back to school items.

Updated Forms  - Please look for "Updated Contact Information" and "Authorization for Emergency Care" sheets to be placed inside your child's Tote bags next week. Fill out and return by Monday, September 10th. Please indicate on your Updated Contact sheet if you would prefer to NOT be included in the distributed Parent Contact List.

New Tuition rates go into effect the first week of September. You can find those here.

Supplies - All classrooms need the following items by the end of the first week:

  • Box of Wipes
  • Box of Tissues
  • Blanket for Nap
  • Extra set of Clothes (2-3 sets for Infant/Dragonfly/Froggy/Flower/Bumble Bee & 1 set for Ladybug/Grasshopper)
  • Printed Family Picture
  • Infant Room - please check the complete list of Needed Items

Show & Tell - Beginning Tuesday, September 11th, some classrooms will have “Show and Tell,” where we ask your child to bring in an object relating to the Week’s Theme.  Show and Tell items are listed in the Calendar and in the Monthly Activities. Show and Tell is an opportunity for your child to become comfortable with their Verbal and Sharing skills.  Children are also encouraged to listen and take turns during their friends’ presentations.

Please talk to your child about the object they would like to bring in and why - helping them construct a narrative the evening before will give them added confidence during their informal "presentation."

Consider the following criteria, when selecting an object:

  • No Action Figures
  • No Weapons of any kind (Guns, Swords, etc.)
  • No objects that require batteries
  • Must be able to fit into their bag or backpack
  •  Be an object that your child does not mind others touching
  • Items will only be shared at the designated time and will remain in your child’s cubby for the remainder of the day
  • Please label all items with your child's name.

Communication - The beginning of the year is quite hectic and we want to make sure that all questions, concerns, and comments are heard. General Information will be provided for each child on their "Daily Info Log" placed in your child's bag to go home. We ask that you do not ask teachers detailed and lengthy questions during pick-up and drop-off as these are very busy times and teachers will not be able to give you their undivided attention. If you are looking for specific information, please schedule a meeting with your child's teacher. We also have Communication Log Books placed in each house, where parents can write down basic instructions and information (if and when your child will be picked up early, details on birthday celebrations, Doctor's appointments, etc.) For immediate concerns, please discuss with Ms. Pashi. She is available to speak at length and in-person from the hours of 9:30 - 12:30 and 2:30- 4:30pm. Or if you would prefer, you may email her at any time with any concerns to pashi@yourchildsplaceva.com. All of this will be covered in the Back to School nights (see below.)

Monthly Newsletters are published here on our YCP Blog, with lots of great information that can be found in the archives. Immediate alerts will be communicated via Twitter @YourChildsPlace while general alerts will be emailed to your inbox.


September Lunch Menu is posted online, please look for Monthly Calendars to be up by Labor Day.

We will be closed Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day.

Academic Year begins on Tuesday, September 4th - new tuition rates apply at that time.

Back to School Night for Bumble Bee, Ladybug, and Grasshopper Rooms is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th from 6-7pm.  Childcare will be offered at $15, to include dinner. Infants may attend, but must remain in your care.

Back to School Night for Caterpillar, Froggy, Butterfly, and Flower Rooms is scheduled for Thursday, September 27th from 6-7pm.  Childcare for preschoolers/toddlers will be offered at $15, to include dinner.  Infants may attend, but must remain in your care.

Please RSVP to info@yourchildsplaceva.com by Friday, September 14th.