Welcome to February!

Valentine's Day Party - Children will exchange cards and enjoy special holiday treats on Friday, February 10th at 3:30pm (Both Houses.) Please look for sign-up sheets if you would like to bring in food items for the parties. All Valentine's cards must be given to teachers no later than the Monday, February 6th. Please do not include any candy or chocolate with your cards. We will email class lists by the end of this week. Children in the Infant Room will not be participating in the party.

Show & Tell - Every Tuesday, children in the Flower, Bumble Bee, Ladybug, and Grasshopper rooms have “Show and Tell.” related to the Week’s Theme.  Show and Tell is an opportunity for your child to become comfortable with their Verbal and Sharing skills.  Children are also encouraged to listen and take turns during their friends’ presentations.

Your child's Show & Tell items will be posted on Classroom Boards and Online Calendars, as well as in the Monthly Newsletters. Please talk to your child about the object they would like to bring in and why - helping them construct a narrative the evening before will give them added confidence during their informal "presentation." Please make sure you ONLY bring in the requested item as it relates to the Weekly Theme.

Kindness Month - For the month of February, the Grasshopper class will be practicing Acts of Kindness. When teachers catch your child acting kind, they will put their name on the Kindness Board in the classroom. Please encourage your child to practice Kindness at home and share with the class the next day.

Immunizations - If your child has recently had or is about to have their 12-month, 18-month, or 4-year Annual check-up, please remember to bring in those immunization records.

Your Child's Place has a pro-vaccine Policy in place that requires all registered children to follow the Minimum Immunization Requirements that Fairfax County has put into place. These guidelines come directly from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control. If your child's Immunization Records are not kept up to date, we may ask that you keep your child at home until all records are submitted - our Licensing requires that we stay on top of your child's Vaccination Records at all times.


February Monthly Activity Calendars and Lunch Menu are now posted online.

Valentines's Day party will be on Friday, February 10th at 3:30pm for both buildings.

Please bring in Valentine's Day cards by Monday, February 6th.

We will be OPEN Monday, February 20th for President's Day.