Welcome to December!

Ident-a-Kid will be coming to YCP this Friday, December 4th at 9:30am. If you are interested, please fill out and return forms (placed in your child's cubby) by Friday.  These identification cards contain your child's photo, fingerprints, and description. For more information, please visit Ident-A-Kid.

Party & Play for the Bumble Bee/Ladybug/Grasshopper Rooms will be on Friday, December 18th at 10:30am.  We welcome parents and family members as we celebrate the season with a sing-a-long presentation followed by a gift exchange and visit from Santa.  Holiday snacks will be served immediately after - please look for a sign-up sheet and note about the gift exchange in the coming weeks. 

for the Froggy/Flower Rooms will be on Monday, December 21st. We will celebrate with a gift exchange and a visit from Santa, followed by special snacks - please look for a sign-up sheet and note about gifts in the coming weeks. We ask that parents do not attend this event.

Gifts - Teachers do not expect gifts, but if you are so inclined, individual gifts of cash or gift certificates would be most appreciated.  Management would be happy to offer suggestions.

Winter Break - We will be closed beginning Friday, December 25th through Friday, January 1st.  School will open on Monday, January 4th. Full tuition applies during the annual Holiday Break. We stay open for a number of Federal Holidays throughout the year so that we may close for an equal amount of days over the break between Christmas and New Year’s.  Please refer to the Holiday Calendar attached here.

Holiday Celebrations - Your Child’s Place observes many seasonal celebrations throughout the year.  These holidays are not specific to any religion and only the cultural aspects are emphasized. Activities and lessons are kept secular in nature, focusing on secular characters and objects commonly associated with the holiday and avoiding all religious references.

We welcome parents who would like to share their family traditions with activities, songs, or foods. Please consult with Ms. Pashi if you are interested in coming to the Center to do so. Your Child’s Place respects and honors each individual’s preference in respect to religion.

Scholastic Book Orders - If you are interested in placing an order online, you may:

  • Go to Scholastic and enter the YCP Activation code: MTTGT.
  • Shop from the carefully curated selection of books and pay for your order.
  • Books will be sent to YCP, where they will be placed in your child’s cubby 4-10 days from the time of ordering. Remember, every parent order allows YCP to purchase more books for our classrooms.

December Monthly Activity Calendars and Lunch Menu are now posted online.

Winter Attire - please make sure your child has appropriate cold weather clothes to include:

  • Warm coat that fits
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Hat
  • Warm shoes and socks
  • Please NO scarves
  • Change out extra clothes in cubbies to reflect the colder temperatures