Welcome to October!

We hope everyone has had a chance to look around the website. Please continue letting us know what features you find useful and which you have trouble with. For those using the Online Form Submission, please bear with us as we work out a few kinks. Thank you to those who have chosen to use the Online Payment System. If you have not dropped your tuition check by Monday, please make your payment online (so as not to be subjected to late fees.)

If your child is in the Froggy, Flower, Bumble Bee, Ladybug, or Grasshopper Classrooms, please bring in a small pumpkin by Monday, October 26th for your child to decorate.

For all children in the Infant Room who use bottles, please remember to follow these procedures:

  • Label all bottles with your child's name and the current day.
  • Prepare 2 bottles (formula or breast milk) and place in the refrigerator every morning.
  • Hand remaining labeled bottles to your child's teachers.
  • Please check your child's bag to make sure all needed items are removed.

The Infant Room is looking for donations of the following gently used/good condition items:

  • Boppies
  • Small Board Books
  • Exersaucers

Show & Tell is now listed in the Calendar portion of the website - click on the individual day to see what items your child needs to bring in.

October Monthly Activity Calendars and October Lunch Menu are now posted online.

We will be open on Monday, October 12th for Columbus Day (per our Holiday Vacation Policy.)

Halloween Parties will be on Friday, October 30th at 10am (little kids) and 3pm (big kids.) Please bring your child's costume in a separate labeled bag the morning of the 30th (no weapons or hard plastic props.) Children will celebrate with Spooky Games, Halloween Parade, and Refreshments - let us know if you would like party pictures emailed to you as adults are not allowed to attend the festivities. Please look for Snack Sign-Up sheets in the coming weeks.